“Rails generate” what?

rails new my_app
  • migration: migration only
  • model: migration + model
  • controller: controller + a views folder
  • resource: migration, model, controller, routes
  • scaffold_controller: controller + views
  • scaffold: migration, model, control, route, views, and many other things
  • Model generator gets used regularly, it creates a model and associated database table.
  • Controller generators are great for creating static views or non-CRUD related features. Note if you use “rails g controller student”, it actually create controller in singular form. student_controller, as vs. to students_controller in controllers generated by other generators.
rails g resource Account title room_number:integer --no-test-framework --no-helper --no-stylesheets --no-assets --no-test-framework
rails new plumber --skip-test
rails generate scaffold cello --no-helper --no-jbuilder --no-api --no-asset --no-scaffold-stylesheet --no-stylesheets
rails_naked_scaffold.sh cello
rails g scaffold_controller User name email
rails g scaffold_controller User User.column_names.join(" ")As 2.6.1 :002 > User.column_names.join(" ")=> "id name created_at updated_at"




Full-stack FHIR Developer

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Chloe Liu

Chloe Liu

Full-stack FHIR Developer

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